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Happy Accident - Practical Sportsbikes

Post by e1_ZX-9r » Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:04 am

A teaser from their March 2019 issue titled Happy Accident.
Practical Sportsbiikes March 2019 Issue wrote:What looked like a lightly damaged ZX-9R C2, turned out to be a squashed lemon, but it taught Neil and Woz the weird ways of the ZX-9R model range.Image

I love ZX-9Rs. I rode one of the first C models in the country to Cumbria and back in late ‘97 in similar weather to today, and it blew my mind. The R1 hadn’t yet landed in the UK so the ZX was the best litre-class superbike in the world, for a month or two at least. Yes, the Yamaha soon popped the green bike’s bubble, but in the real world, the 9R has always made more sense: blisteringly fast, yet refined and everyday useable.

As we head out of town through the drizzle towards the rural roads of Cannock Chase, the memories of that ride to Cumbria are ever present. The ZX will go from traffic speed to ballistic overtake in an instant, but it never loses composure...

Practical Sportsbikes limited time offer, 2 years from the price of 1.
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